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Welcome to the Community Network

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we welcome you to the website of the Community Network. It is our hope that you visit us often to stay abreast of the facts and figures concerning you and your local government concerning policies and procedures effecting the prison population. Whether you are affected directly or indirectly your visits, your comments, and your interaction here will be greatly appreciated. The Georgia Branch of the Community network believes that information is key to the empowerment of the decision making process for victims and the victimized individual. If "God has done it for any man, he will do it for another man, and we believe that we are those men".

Community Updates

The Prison Ministry of WASHAD or the WASHAD(wise as serpents harmless as doves)Prison Outreach has taken off like wild-fire. Since the New Year began we have already visited a State Prison every weekend with the remainder of the month almost scheduled as well. We are planning on visiting at least 14 State run Prisons on a continual basis this year as we develop several teams of volunteers. If you are in the Georgia area and you are interested in volunteering please fill out a membership form and let's talk.

January 6,2002-The team visited Macon State Prison with nearly 100 inmates in attendance with 4 of those making a decision to follow Christ(and the angels in heaven rejoiced)

January 13th-The team from WASHAD Prison Outreach visited the Rutledge State Prison in Columbus, GA. There were about 80 inmates in attendance there. There were no recorded decisions. But we will be returning in the month of April.

2003-Mission to Jamaica/July 30-Aug 7

NJ State Prison Aug 28-31
South America Crusade Oct 6-14
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The Community Page

From time to time we will place some of our most exciting news features here of ex-offenders and their greatest accomplishments to date. ~Met former inmate from Montgomery Correctional who was in the chapel program while I was there! Now we are in the same church organization but at different locations. I told you we could make it!


Christian men and women are the life blood of THE COMMUNITY NETWORK. They have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with those served by THE COMMUNITY NETWORK. Their willingness to care, to listen to their problems, and to lead them to the community resources and job possibilities creates the conditions for a new beginning.

THE COMMUNITY NETWORK conducts orientation seminars throughout New Jersey, Georgia, or wherever they find interested persons or ministries. If you are interested in attending a seminar near you, or need further information, please contact Rev. Holmes, our Executive Director. He will be glad to answer your questions and share his vision of the NETWORK with you. Contact him by mail or phone at: HEADQUARTERS OFFICE, 718 Central Avenue, P.O.Box 2439, Plainfield, NJ 07060, 201-753-0211.

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Networking Ideas-

There are several networking ideas we can become involved in to assist in the over all expense to operate the NETWORK. Many of them are to simply adapt to new products rather than having to adapt to new habits. We will share products & services with you along the way as well as expect you to share with us to build a better and stronger COMMUNITY NETWORK.


We believe that Jesus Christ releases those who believe in Him from the grips of sin and despair, and releases prisoners from bondage.

We believe that we are His servants in this mission, presenting the GOOD NEWS to the imprisoned and the oppressed and assisting them to take their places as law-abiding citizens.


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